About Us

Our Approach

The NW Mind Body Spirit Connection is a fun and interactive community event where you can learn about and meet local experts in traditional and alternative approaches to health and well-being. The events feature thought-provoking speakers, lively demonstrations, and knowledgeable exhibitors.

The Connection brings together natural health enthusiasts, yogis, organic food lovers, healers, fitness experts, alternative medicine doctors, holistic health advocates, and spiritual growth leaders for a fun and informative learning experience.

Our mission with the Connection is to connect with people, engage in conversation, and inspire community.

Our Story

Founders Gayle Picken and Patti Pontikis came up with the idea for the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection over lunch one day in 2014. Gayle had over 15 years experience running community events as a local small business owner and arts promoter, and Patti was an inspired yogi, cancer survivor and professional psychologist with a lifelong passion for learning and personal growth.They had worked together in the past and loved the energy, excitement and inspiration that happened when community gets together for an event.

The initial steering committee included community leaders in yoga, intuitive counseling, leadership development, and spirituality. They developed the concept, mission and format, and the first show on Camano Island was a wonderful success.

Through Gayle’s event company, 66Events, the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection can now expand to other cities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions for the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection events. Please contact us today!

By phone: 425-359-7974
By email: gayle@66events.com