Labyrinth to be installed for the Camano Island Connection

I met Judy Mieger last year at the 2016 NW Mind Body Spirit Connection on Camano Island. She was bursting with excitement and shared her idea to bring a labyrinth to the event. “A labyrinth? At the event?” Luckily Judy didn’t forget our conversation from a year ago. She contacted me and got the ball rolling, enlisting the help of the Stanwood Labyrinth Committee and acclaimed labyrinth creator, Dan Niven of

Dan has installed temporary and permanent labyrinths in churches, wellness centers, private estates and at festivals across the Pacific Northwest. We met at the Camano Center to look at the site and brainstorm ideas for a temporary labyrinth at the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection. (Pictured below: Gayle Picken, Dan Niven, Lyn Kelly of the Stanwood Labyrinth Committee, Jeremiah O’Hagan of the Stanwood/Camano NEWS)

Dan’s knowledge and enthusiasm for labyrinths was fascinating and his energy infectious! He entertained us with stories of his installations over the years and immediately saw possibilities for installing labyrinths at the Center. “If the weather is good, we could build a large one outside on the patio or on the lawn,” he visualized the pattern as he stood on the point of center. “The small conference room would also make a lovely small space for individual walks,” he mused.

Attendees will be invited to walk the labyrinth during the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection on October 14th. Whether to meditate, focus and clarify or simply slow down and take a few minutes out to walk the labyrinth and find out what it is all about… we’re looking forward to this addition to the event. Members of the Stanwood Labyrinth Committee will be on hand to talk about their plans to install a permanent labyrinth at a park in Stanwood.

For more information, have a look at this great article recently published in the Stanwood/Camano NEWS:

On Making a Choice

What do you think?…

What would be said to those who find themselves in need of making a choice?

Have patience, understanding and free will; accept and allow, decide and act upon.

These are thoughts that will help you to choose what it is, from your free will that you want to do; what you want to provide yourself with, and why.

Continue on then, freely and with purpose until the time comes that you will want to choose which direction you will go now; which road or pathway you choose to follow, for whatever reason.

Choice and free will are birth rights endowed unto you from endless time, to use at your discretion for your own purpose, as desired or needed.

Choose wisely from experience, inner knowingness and feelings. Choose and accept the answers. Walk diligently on your path, knowing, choice is your God given birth right, forever.


Imagine a Kinder World

When I found out about The Kind Fest event, I immediately wanted to be involved. I love the whole concept they have created and their mission for the community to gather together and spread kindness like confetti.

What a perfect way for us to kick off the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection event on Camano this fall!

Imagine A Kinder World…

What does it look like to you? Let us know in the comments below or post to facebook or instagram with #ImagineAKinderWorld and so we can add your vision to the giant globe we are building. You can send words, photos, drawings, paragraphs, a poem or combination. Anything you want to share your vision.

And come to our booth at The Kind Fest on August 12th, 2017 at Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish. We’ll have the giant globe set up for attendees to add their vision in person.

So much fun! Thank you to The Kind Fest founder, Angie Louthan, for creating this wonderful opportunity inspiring us to imagine a kinder world.