Barbara Barnes, BS/RN, MA/LMHC

Barbara Barnes, BS/RN, MA/LMHC

Barbara Barnes – Coming Home to Yourself: Hearing your True Voice and Letting it Guide You

Every day, we are exposed to a multitude of ‘voices’. They surround us. They engulf us. They invite us, encourage us, seduce us, sell to us, mislead us, and distract us. They want us to pay attention and sometimes, they want us to revel in the abandonment of our identities. We all know the voices of media, advertisements, politics, and sales. We are familiar with the voices of caring friends, family and professionals. Yet, despite these voices’ intent to help and support, they can sometimes confuse and take us further away from ourselves.

What if, when we need help and support, we could tune in to our greatest gift? That connection with the voice of our divine self, our higher self, our wise self, our Guide? In my discussion, we’ll explore a few ways to turn towards our True Voice and hear it’s divine and wise guidance. Yes, turning towards the truth and away from the noise can be challenging, and frightening at times. Yet, it can also be transformational and lead us back home. I invite you to this experience.

Barbara describes her healing work as holistic, recognizing the interconnectedness between mind, body, emotions and spirit as well as the firm belief that each of us is truly our own best healer. With a background in anthropology, nursing and psychiatry, for many years, Barbara worked in a variety of modern health care settings. She began to notice energetic and body-mind influences and relationships that often brought more clarity and understanding to the concerns of the person seeking healing. In her desire to understand more fully how these approaches to health intersect, she has studied Subtle Energy techniques, is a Reiki Master, is certified in Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Breathwork and offers Esoteric Healing and Spiritual Counseling. Connect with Barbara at


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