Crystal Franck, Registered Dietitian

Crystal Franck, Registered Dietitian

Crystal Franck, RD – Mindful Meals

Join Crystal Franck of Experience Momentum Physical Therapy, Nutrition & Fitness for a lively discussion on mindfulness and how it pertains to eating, nutrition and wellness. You will re-learn how to recognize and honor internal hunger and satiety cues, learn tips for being present with your food to enhance the enjoyment of eating, and gain strategies for managing emotional eating. In addition to evidence-based information on how to re-frame your thinking around eating, you will be inspired to achieve the goal of finding food freedom.

Crystal Franck works as a Registered Dietitian (RDN) at Experience Momentum Inc. in Lynnwood, WA. She graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Seattle Pacific University in 2006, and completed her dietetic internship through the University of Washington in 2007.

Crystal was drawn to nutrition through her own experiences with body image and food. She is passionate about helping dispel nutrition myths, creating freedom and joy around food, developing fun new recipes for all skill levels, and designing individually-tailored plans for her clients that are realistic and sustainable. Connect with her at

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