Dr. Vie

Dr. Vie

Dr. Vie – Living in Yoga – Interactive Session and Q & A

Dr. Vie is a modern nomadic yogi, author, mentor and inspirational speaker. In this interactive session, you can ask questions and join the discussion as Dr. Vie shares her thoughts and experiences about living in yoga.

Dr. Vie, is an Indian female natural health scientist. She was raised in South Africa & studied & worked on 5 continents and +5 countries including Switzerland, Denmark, England, South Africa, India & USA as a medical device scientist, assistant professor, clinician, natural health scientist & food manufacturer.

During her entrepreneurial adventures starting up Dr. Vie food factory, she experienced poverty, with just a few cents in her hand, but a heart filled with hope. She slept on a yogi mat and wore torn clothing for many years even while her superfoods were being relished across the Americas by some of the biggest names in the sporting world.

She has discovered the secrets to inner strength, inner courage and inner wisdom and hopes to inspire billions around the planet to achieve inner peace and by so doing spread world peace. Connect with her at drvie.com