Lauren Archer

Lauren Archer

Lauren Archer – The Power of Mindfulness: Transform from the Inside Out

Time Magazine heralded Mindfulness as the secret and most powerful ingredient high achievers can use in daily life to make or break the way they feel, lead, and show up.

  • How can you use it around the buffet, the kitchen and the bar?
  • What can you do to align your actions and habits to be in control and empowered?
  • What if you could easily release what’s been weighing you down and step into a state of ease and flow?

During this powerful wake-up conversation, audience members discover:

  • How to gracefully shift from will power to mindful alignment;
  • How to use empowering “mind games” to overcome self-sabotage, and
  • A closed-eye mindfulness process to lovingly re-connect with the higher wisdom in your body, mind, heart and soul.

Lauren Archer is a Mindfulness Trainer and Hypnotherapist, and serves as the Mindfulness Program Director for Sound Medical Weight Loss. She is a lifelong student of consciousness with certifications in multiple coaching methods, including a licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor. Connect with her at