Lauren Dillon-Merrill

Lauren Dillon-Merrill

Lauren Dillon-Merrill – Being Human: Embracing our Humanity from a Spiritual Perspective

The French idealist philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardiin once said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” On my personal journey of being a spiritually evolving energetic practitioner and human being, I’ve seen some reoccurring themes among my clients. They struggle with shame, doubt, fear, and compromise, and seem to want to hold these emotions at bay, often labeling them negative or destructive to their overall well-being. What would happen if we viewed these emotions from a soul-based perspective and embraced them as friendly reminders of our ephemeral human experience? Would we show ourselves a bit more forgiveness, a little more understanding? In my discussion, we will explore the many ways to connect and embrace our humanity by using the many tools available in our spiritual tool kits, such as daily grounding, ritual, and positive intention setting.

Lauren Dillon-Merrill, the creator and owner of 3 Petals Healing, is a native Floridian that spent the summers of her youth running barefoot through the mountains of western North Carolina. Her love of the natural world and belief that all things are interconnected laid the foundation for the work she does with crystals and Esoteric Healing. Lauren is a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, and has been practicing for over a decade. She is passionate about using various energetic modalities to help her clients find the tools they need to restore inner balance and a sense of well-being. In addition to her study in energy work, Lauren graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Design. She is a photographer and designer, and finds joy channeling her creativity through her other business, Se•lyn Boutique and Crystal Shoppe. Connect with her

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