Mary Slater

Mary Slater

Mary Slater – The MELT Method: Alleviate Pain, Enhance Performance and Recovery and Move with Ease

Learn about self-care for your fascia using The MELT Method in this interactive presentation. You’ll learn about what fascia is, and how you can use the MELT balls and roller to restore the spring in this tissue. Healthy fascia supports your muscles, bones, nervous system and more. Mary will present an overview, then you’ll try a hands-on demo to see for yourself!

Mary is a former professional dancer, an NSCA certified personal trainer, Advanced MELT Method instructor, and Movement Specialist at The Seattle Center for Structural Medicine/IRG Ballard. Mary received training from master teachers in Dance and Somatic Movement at York University in Toronto, and in NYC, followed by years of experience teaching, traveling and performing. She was nevertheless bowled over when she discovered The MELT Method (using balls and a roller to restore fascia). Through her own practice of MELT, Mary’s approach to movement and recovery has been transformed. She is committed to educating her clients and students in their quest to relieve pain and improve muscular efficiency and performance for running a marathon, optimizing yoga practice, gardening for hours, or, most importantly, navigating the day in a body that moves with ease. Connect with Mary at:

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