Patti Pontikis, Ph.D.

Patti Pontikis, Ph.D.

Patti Pontikis, Ph.D. – My Journey from Cancer to Self-Awareness
1:00 – Room A

Patti received the shock of her life on her 70th birthday when her doctor called after a routine mammogram and said she needed to come in for more tests. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy helped her survive cancer, but her next thought immediately went to discovering what was missing in her life that she needed to address. Join us as Patti shares her 10-year journey from cancer to self-awareness through yoga, personal development and spiritual growth.

Patti Pontikis is a clinical psychologist, educator, jewelry artist, yogi and life-long learner. In 2014, she co-founded the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection event and currently is active in the Camano Island art scene and annual Art by the Bay Festival. She and her husband Dick Meske volunteer with the Stanwood-Camano Suicide Awareness organization and other community events. Connect with her at:

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