Sandra Storwick

Sandra Storwick

Sandra Storwick – Insomnia and the Soul

This talk is for everyone who is yearning for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep naturally. We will talk about natural energetics of sleep and why people leading a modern lifestyle tend not to sleep well. We will introduce the Heartfull Meditation techniques created by Savitri and talk about how these techniques can reach the core of the problem. We will look at how diet and nutrition can affect sleep and talk about certain products that help the body feel more calm and grounded. We will also look at things that may be hindering sleep, food choices, lighting and even clothing choices.

We also will talk about other aspects of our daily life that can have a significant effect on quality of sleep such as Electromagnetic Fields, LED lighting, blue light, clothing choices etc.

We will also introduce a line of projects that neutralize the effect of EMF and other environmental irritants.

Sandra’s life passion has been searching for truth through self healing and spirituality and expanding that truth into relationships, interior decorating, art, clothing design and manufacturing, yoga teaching, activism and anything else she finds herself involved in. She began studying yoga in 1983, while teaching art at an International School in South India. She became a yoga teacher in 1994 and is currently a Yoga Alliance an E-YRT instructor and a graduate of the Purna Yoga 2000 hour program. Sandra is also a licensed massage practitioner with a focus in cranial sacral therapy. She also holds University degrees in Education and International Development.

After moving to Seattle in 1994, she met Savitri, (co-owner of the Alive and Shine Center and creator of Heartfull Mediation) and began studying Heartfull Mediation (simple, yet profound techniques, that guide the mind back home to the Light in the heart – “the true you”). Sandra has experienced profound shifts in her life though the years of study and practice of Heartfull Meditation and Purna Yoga and loves to share these simple yet powerful practices with others. Connect with Sandra at: