Susie Hindle Kher

Susie Hindle Kher

Susie Hindle Kher – Creating Sacred Space and Rituals

Learn how to create spaces in the home and work that bring peace and connection to the divine. In this mini-workshop, Susie Hindle Kher shares ideas for creating space in all types of living and working spaces, big and small. You’ll learn the benefits of having rituals in your sacred space to aid in healing and clearing obstacles and manifesting your greatest good.

Susie Hindle Kher is an intuitive healer and coach. She runs Radiant River Wellness in Redmond and offers energy healing, workshops and classes, meditative healing-hypnotherapy and intuitive coaching. In addition, Susie hosts a weekly radio show on 1150AM/KKNW and podcast called Radiantly You! A Weekly Mind-Body-Spirit Empowerment Show. Connect with her at

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