Vila Loukas

Vila Loukas

Vila Loukas – Understanding our Spiritual DNA

We are so much more than just our physical bodies! More and more people are waking up to the fact that at our core, we are spiritual beings and our mind, emotions and physicality are all tied in to a deeper blueprint that makes us who we are: our DNA. The DNA gives us much more than just our physical shape & size–it also contains the codes that lead us to our true Life Purpose when we engage the process of activating them! By understanding our spiritual DNA, we begin to unlock the true potential we have within us.

Vila Loukas is a Certified Healer & Guide with the Modern Mystery School International. She specializes in helping those who are ready find greater joy, fulfillment, health, vitality, empowerment, clarity, self-mastery and connection to true Life Purpose. Vila believes that each of us has a unique set of gifts to give the world and when we are empowered to fulfill our purpose, we can truly make an impact for the betterment of all! Connect with her at:

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