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Fall Expo Speakers

Intro to Sound Healing by Kara Keating and Ash Ayars

Kara Keating and Ash Ayars

Introduction to Sound Healing with Kara Keating and Ash Ayars Everything in Nature is vibrating at different levels. Learn about how you can energize your own healing and optimize your ...
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Dr. Anup Mulakaluri, ND

Dr. Anup Mulakaluri - "Mental/Emotional Self-Care in Ayurveda" At this time of great change and turmoil, accessing the resilience of the human spirit is the most essential aspect of well-being ...
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Dena Marie

Dena Marie - Reconnect Body, Mind and Spirit Learn how to resolve issues in everyday life by bringing flow back into your energy system. If you are feeling blocked or ...
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Dr. Morgan Oaks

Dr. Morgan Oaks - "Clarity, Courage and Inspired Action - 3 Keys to Your Ultimate Health and Happiness" As a chiropractor, Dr. Morgan has learned over the last 14 years ...
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Christina Malecka

Christina Malecka - "Unplug. Reconnect. Restore: Digital Detox 101" When was the last time you got even one waking-hour long break from social media or electronic communication? Wouldn't it be ...
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Kerri Robinson

Kerri Robinson - "Restoring Pain-Free Posture with the Gokhale Method" The Gokhale Method is a systematic approach of restoring pain free posture and movement using every day movements like sitting, ...
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Marc Lainhart

Marc Lainhart - "Spiritual Signs, Symbols, Synergy and Synchronicity" "What path are we on? Is life just a nine to five treadmill that we run on every day? Are we ...
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SuZanna Mantis

SuZanna Mantis: Heal your Feet and the Body Will Follow There is nothing like foot pain. Be it plantar fasciitis, aching toes, or lack of feeling in your feet -- ...
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Catherine Liggett

Catherine Liggett - "The Bright Light of Shadow Work" Shadow work is a beautiful process of gently unraveling the persona that we needed to survive our early life, and reclaiming ...
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Wendy Rose Williams

Wendy Rose Williams - "How Can Past-Life Regression Enhance Your Life NOW?" Many people are impacted by past-life energy as our soul’s memory is eternal, and emotions are timeless. Healing ...
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Krista Ducharme

Krista Ducharme - "Create Your Best LIfe ~ What a Vision Board can do for You!" Do you know what a Vision Board is? It’s a way to manifest your ...
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The NW Mind Body Spirit Connection Fall Expo on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 will be held at:

Camano Center
606 Arrowhead Road
Camano Island, WA 98282

(Note: the Sunday events are happening at different locations around the island. Check Schedule for Details)

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